How I Finally Found Profitable Products to Dropship on eBay

How I Finally Found Profitable Products to Dropship on eBay


You know how this goes….you do extensive product research and find a dozen good looking candidates for the eBay sales niche you hope to eventually dominate. You pat yourself on the back for actually finding profitable products you can dropship.


Next, you want to find a supplier. You excitedly open websites of wholesalers dedicated to dropshipping…Worldwide Brands, Doba, Dropship Direct….this is easy 🙂


After an hour it’s obvious your supplier search is going to be as long as your product search. There seem to be lots of products out there, but none of the brands you want. An hour later you’re back scouring Google for a REAL dropship company that will give you access to the products you want.


Then you find it! Exactly what you want to sell! The company even dropships for free and is willing to add packing slips with your logo. Impressive!


Excited, you register your business and sign up for the all important price list which is emailed to you in a heartbeat. You search for your product, eagerly scanning the spreadsheet, then POW!  That can’t be right, can it? The price before shipping is higher than the current eBay market price with free shipping! Really?


That was my experience for years as an eBay seller. I had a decent eBay business as one of the first sellers of surplus diabetic test strips. I was making about $30k a year, but my biggest problem was the very time consuming product sourcing work. I advertised in newspapers for diabetics with spare test strips, then called on them to buy, sometimes several miles away once we’d made a deal on the phone. I needed another way to expand my business, so I began to take a hard look at dropshipping as the way forward. It seemed to promise everything I needed, and I could live with the reduced profit margin because I was only going to spend a few minutes sending my customer’s sale details to my dropshipper. I figured 100 products selling 5 times a month with average profits of $5 each would easily double my existing business and allow me to employ someone to help with the diabetic strip business.


To cut a long story short, I spent a lot of time and money joining monthly dropship clubs, paying for research, going to town hall meetings to listen to experts, reading article after article explaining how easy it was. Sure, I eventually found and sold a few products, especially shoes on eBay, but the increase in income of maybe $300 a month sent my channel dominating dreams crashing.


By the end of 2016 I changed tack on the dropship front and was trying to source products from fellow sellers in the eBay community. It was easy to match my requirements with several sellers, but each time I sent an offer to dropship their products on my Top Rated plus eBay account, I got no response, or a quick No Thanks. I needed another way.


The solution came to me quite by accident from an entirely different source. I have several niches in my small business; I sell on eBay but I also develop electronic hardware and software on a contract basis using freelance sites like Upwork. One day during a job search I noticed there were companies looking for experts to help them launch their products on eBay. I broadened the search and evemtually found a ton of people trying to find eBay help on several topics.


I quickly realized this might be the way to land a few dropship deals so I contacted the best looking offers and to my delight found highly motivated product owners looking to find sellers like me to launch their goods on eBay. They all understood the dropshipping process and, better yet after just a few emails and Skype calls I had secured deals with plenty of margin with all of them! This was more like it. 🙂


That instant success prompted me to take a step back and examine what I’d just done. I had tapped into a “need to dropship” by people who owned products but not effective sales channels. What’s more, I had provided my new clients with a seller (me) who was “actively seeking Products” and had a Top Rated eBay platform to sell them on. The instant synergy made for very easy deal making and a belief from both parties that we had just made a great decision.


I was so struck by how easy this was and how all of the cold calling I’d been forced to do in the past had been eliminated because of a mutual desire to get something done I decided to see if my previous plan of using fellow eBay sellers to provide me with the products I wanted would work better when I applied the same logic. The short answer was Yes!, so it was decided; I built a web site where sellers are actively looking for partners, and product owners are searching for serious sellers. The result is


Initial Membership is free and allows you to search for two contacts to try the concept out. If you find the site helps you set up dropship deals quickly, sign up for the paid service and pull 10 contacts per month from the database. In no time you’ll be on your way to the goal of a healthy $5 to $10 per sale on 100+ dropshipped products.


Go to and find profitable products you can dropship on eBay today..

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