The Red Seller’s Book is the result of years of unsuccessfully trying to find retail dropship partners for my own eBay, Amazon and private websites. It lets its members find retail partners very quickly by pairing Product Owners who want to expand their markets through dropshipping on behalf of others, with Sellers who are seeking products to expand their own channels.

It is not yet another hated dropshipper list where hard working people are conned into registering with the promise of eager manufacturers willing to cut deals at market prices. Instead it allows Sellers to search our database of like minded suppliers of the products they want to sell, directly from the sales platforms they want to sell them on.

Instead of cold calling to suggest new retail partnerships, the Red Book process is more like answering an ad saying “eBay or Amazon Seller Wanted, Apply Within.”

Once I adopted the techniques outlined in the Red Book I found I had more potential partners than resources to handle them, enabling an expansion into UK markets from here in the USA.

I’d like to welcome you to our expanding family of members finding great retail relationships with fellow online sellers.

Happy Selling,

Sandy Templeton