It's simple to find products to Dropship

Create a Red Seller's Book account and search for members looking for people to sell their products. Don't worry too much about niche in the first instance, just develop a few relationships and see where they lead. Very often we find people operating in niches they never imagined simply because they found great partners in open markets.

Creating an online Sales Force is Easy!

Set up an account in the Red Book and use our
database to find people with the right credentials.
Looking to sell into the US from China? No problem.
Run a query for US based dropshippers and
introduce yourself and your products to a few likely

Looking at Amazon to eBay Arbitrage?

The Red Seller's book offers an easy way to develop
relationships on either side of the sales transaction.
Get into one of the best high value product sales
paths out there by finding like minded partners who
are looking for the skills and business attributes you
already have.

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